3D Trinting Technology With Christmas Shopping

Busy shopping season The start of the busy shopping season before Christmas was interrupted by unexpectedly heavy snow and freezing temperatures, which disrupted transport networks and brought large parts of Europe and the UK to a standstill in December (2010). This was hardly good news for retailers at a traditionally busy time of year. When

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3D printing

3d Printing Digitization In The World

Digital printing Have you ever wondered what would be happen if there were no 3D printing services? There would be no books, no colors, no newspapers, no brochures, no display. Can you imagine your life like this? We also are all grateful for the most influential invention in the world of sales promotion, digital printing 

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Best Of Digital Lighting in 3d printing

Digital  photography pixels Digital  photography refers to photographs so in hundreds of thousands or millions of small square pixels, “pixels”. Computers and printers if use these small pixels to display photographic images. It is compared to a painter applying small pieces of paint to a subject that he expressed on a canvas. Determining color and

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Revolutionized Digital imaging in 3d printing

digital printing  processing Digital imaging has simply change the way you publish and print domains. Since its inception and popularity, it has simply by overshadowed the earlier printing technique commonly known as an analog system. Digital image processing simply uses a series of computer algorithms to perform image in processing on digital images. It is

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the Three-D printing process

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Digital lighting process about three-D printing process the Three-D printing process is a process similar to stereo lithography from the perspective that it relates to an about Three-D printing process that works with photo polymers. However, the biggest difference is the light source use to cure the resin. DLP uses a more conservative light source.

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