Label 3D Printing

Types of Label 3D Printers Technology Laser Machines

The Types of Label 3D Printing Technology Machines use a wide variety of label materials, including paper and synthetic polymeric materials. There are two types of thermal printers, such as direct thermal and thermal transfer. Label 3D printers types of label 3D printing contain desktop label printers, commercial label printers, industrial label printers, industrial portable

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Prototyping Sintering

Rapid Prototyping Sintering 3D Printing Technology

The Rapid Prototyping Sintering 3D Printing Technology development time (time compression technology) To minimize technical changes. Increase effective communication between engineers, prototyping sintering product designers, and marketing departments. To extend the life cycle of the 3D printing technology product. By allowing the design department, production/production engineering, and marketing department to view. Because of Rapid prototyping

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